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March 6, 2023 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

I would say that’s about the end of the winter temps, finally! It looks like a little front rolling in at the end of the week but very mild. The water temperature really spiked and the fish are acting accordingly in a great way.

Lake Lanier is currently 1070..95’ MSL, only .05’ below full pool. Surface temp is about 58 degrees and getting into the 60’s midday in the creek backs!

The Stripers are very healthy and feeding well. On the mid to upper end of the pond I have been starting early mornings halfway to all the way back of the creeks. Locate the bait. And not just bait, the Swiss cheese bait is what I like to call it. Bait you see on your graph that looks pushed around and holes punched in it. At the depths I’m targeting, 20-50’ bottom, you don’t have to mark much fish. A lot of times just mark a few and there will be more hugging the bottom that you can’t really see while scanning/searching at a high speed. Start the morning pulling freelines and planner boards with a mixed bag of small trout, herring, and shiners. As the sun gets high pay attention to the fish and bait depth you are marking, as well as what they are wanting that week, day, hour. That being said come prepared with a variety or baits, and tackle to cover the different zones in the water column. Winter/Spring means fronts. The atmospheric pressure often times dictates the bait and predator fish depths. High fish try pulling freelines/planners, deep you will be deploying your downlines. Lastly, on sunny days don’t let the muddy stained water detour you. We are catching good fish all the way in the creek backs in less that 10’ of water. With the water temps really shooting up there has been fish all over the water column, from the surface down to 60 plus feet. There has been a good open water bite developing anywhere from the mouths of creeks to the river channel. Pulling boards/freelines with a combination of a couple downlines have been working well in this situation. When these fish seem to want to window shop your live baits the trolling bite has been really good. Both pulling the Captain Mack U-Rigs or the Mini Mack’s on leadcore..Or stealth trolling the Mini’s. With the warm temp climbing, the best thing I’ve been seeing is some really awesome schooling activity. If you are in the right place at the right time freelined live pitch baits, a small bucktail or soft plastic jigs have been very hard to beat. Toss it in the middle of the activity and hold on! That’s my favorite way to stick those schoolers.

With the warm and pleasant weather ahead of us, I’m booking up pretty solid for the spring but have some weekdays to fill. Now throughout the spring all my weekday trips Monday-Thursday are $50 off!! It’s that simple and my favorite days to be in the water! Call or text for availability and let’s get those rods bent!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Andrew Hammond


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