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January 7, 2021- Lake Lanier - Fishing Report

Happy New Year’s Everyone! Seems like the only thing good about 2020 was the fishing right? The lake fished great and back home on the Nature Coast was a blast.

During the lake turnover in October many folks (including myself) took the opportunity to get after some of our many land roaming, high flying, delicious critters out there. In Georgia we had Dove, deer, duck, geese, and squirrel seasons wide open just to name a few. Besides fishing I can’t think of a better way to involve kids or others who didn’t get the opportunities growing up to pursue our natural resources and everything the outdoors has to offer. These experiences educate our youth on the value of wildlife, our fisheries, their habitats, and the role we play to preserve them. Along with that comes ethics and values that will follow people for the rest of their lives. In the sport of hunting or fishing there is no refs, umpires, or police looking over your shoulder every second. It’s up to you to make the right decisions when making an ethical harvest or catch all the way to the dinner table. So, this year spend some quality time with your kids, friends, and family out in the woods and water and enjoy our wildlife. Hunting or hiking, fishing or kayaking turn off the idiot box and explore. That being said, all the hunting seasons are coming to a close and it’s time to get back out on the water finally!

I wish everyone a great 2021 and hope you live it up to your fullest. What better way to kickoff the New Year with positive fishing report. Lake Lanier level is at 1070.55, .45 feet below full pool. Temp is averaging about 50 degrees depending on your lake location. The Striper fishing has been good. There has been a better bite from about 10am-4pm recently it seems. I’ve been taking full advantage and sleeping in a few extra hours! Downlines have been the primary technique over 30’-75’ bottom down 25’-45’. We have been targeting mid to backs of creeks lake wide in drains, flats, and mouths of small creek pockets. There has been an issue getting herring from the bait shops but as of today they seem to be fully stocked up again. In the past week trout and shad have been the ticket over herring. Don’t forget when they are keyed in on those small baits small shiners come into play. It’s better to get a mixed bag and keep your options open to whatever seems to be hot that day. I have been seeing a small amount of surfacing fish pushing bait. Keep a spin rod ready to fire quickly at them and hold on. The same Capt. Mack’s Super Spoons we use to vertical jig this time of year or a SteelShad will get you buttoned up. I have open days in January, let’s get after em’!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Andrew Hammond


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