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August 1, 2020 Fishing Report

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The lake level is at 1071.14, .14’ above full pool and surface temps in the upper 80’s. Not much has changed since my last report besides the afternoon trolling bite has been on fire. To beat the summer heat, we have been fishing early morning and off the water by 12-2pm. If you are out on the pond after the sun gets high, give the leadcore a try! Troll 8-10 colors with a variation of tipped buck tails, Mini Mack’s, or spoons at 3 mph over the main lake and creek channels. We are still targeting Striper schools with downlines and weighted freelines in main lake and creek mouth pockets, drains, and ditches. The summer time water temp and dissolved oxygen is not ideal for the live blueback herring we are using. The condition of the bait in your tank and on the hook will make or break your day. Make sure to add non-chlorinated ice to your tank to keep the baits nice and cool and change your baits frequently! You want those things kickin’! Our target depth in the morning have been suspended fish 30’ to the bottom over 40’-65’ bottom. As the sun gets high we will slide out deeper. Power reeling the 8” magnum spoons and 1.5-2 oz Capt. Mack’s Chipmunk jigs tipped with herring or plastic trailers have been getting whacked. Also, it will spark the interest of those stubborn window shoppers with a reaction bite. To change things up a little, we have been seeing spotted bass busting the surface while chasing herring schools. Target main lake points with brush 25-35’. When you see them fire a Sebile Magic swimmer or bucktail at their heads and hold on. I still have some available dates open in August so let’s get out there! 🎣

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